• Payment
    My payment has been refused. Why?

    If payment is refused, please ensure you have entered the correct details and that the CAPSLOCK or NUMLOCK is not on. Please also ensure that there are no issues with the debit/credit card you are using. If the problem persists, please contact us or try another payment method.

    I am looking for information about a specific payment type.

    For more information about bank debits, go to www.dnxpay.com.

    How can I credit my account?

    To buy credits, you must first log on with your user details. You can then go to the "My account" section, where you can buy credit packs.
  • Your account
    How do browser notifications work?

    You can be notified with a small browser pop-in about your favorites being online, receiving a message or having a seasonal promo on our site. You can opt in only by clicking on "Allow" when you are prompted to allow or block browser notifications. If you want to deactivate already allowed browser notifications about your activity, please set it in your browser’s settings. Browser notifications are handled by OneSignal, a 3rd party company. We do Not send your private data to OneSignal. Please note that the notifications appear even when you are not browsing our site, both on desktop and mobile. If you have accidentally clicked Deny, you can re-allow notifications in your browser settings.

    Alternatively, you can switch browser notifications on and off in your account settings page.